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The information on this site will provide strategies for designing and developing an online course, as well as tips on applying instructional design techniques. It will provide best practices for online content and approaches for the delivery and implementation of your course.   

Online course content requires thinking about your classroom lectures and materials in a different way so you can adapt it to an online format. An online course is a very different experience from the face-to-face classroom learning for students, as well as instructors. A successful online course may include creating new material and applying innovative teaching strategies to your existing content. 

As you start to develop and think about your online course, some of the material that you already use in classroom teaching may transition easily to an online learning environment, and some may need to be re-worked. For an effective online learning experience, content must be presented in a way that can be viewed and digested in chunks with engaging enrichment materials. There are a wide variety of tools to choose from in bringing active learning to the online environment. 

This site has been broken into the following four steps of online course development:  
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