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photo montage of COLC participants

photo courtesy DH Goodall

Interested in getting up to speed on the online learning landscape at Cornell? consider joining the Cornell Online Learning Community (COLC).  COLC’s aim is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences surrounding online and blended learning across the campus, as well as provide networking opportunities for those interested in collaborating or learning more. COLC is open to the entire university community, whether you are deeply involved in online course development or have just a general interest in online teaching and learning at Cornell.  

COLC’s Kickoff meeting held in March of 2015 brought more than 100 participants together from across Cornell’s colleges, schools and units. COLC’s second meeting will take place March 1st, 2016 and is now open for registration.

You can also network with others and join the community by connecting through COLC’s online channel on Yammer, where over 200 members of the Cornell community are already part of the conversation.

Get caught up with the COLC community by watching video of the inaugural meeting here

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