Recording Audio with PowerPoint 

If you lecture in the classroom using PowerPoint (or other) slides, recording the slides with an audio narration is an easy first step to creating lecture content. The initial thought might be to record your 50 minute lecture, but it would translate better to the online environment if you could break the lecture down into smaller concepts that are presented individually in sequence. This will also help to keep the videos shorter (5-7 minutes). Optimally students will have the opportunity to review or use the concept before moving on to the next one.

  • Panopto is integrated into Cornell’s Blackboard, Panopto records the screen along with your audio (and optional video), and creates an index presentation. 
  • Office Mix is a free plug-in for PowerPoint that allows recording a presentation. 
  • Camtasia is a powerful screen recording tool that integrates with PowerPoint, but it is not free. 
  • Captivate is similar to Camtasia.

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