Mapping Your Course

Teaching online provides greater opportunity for designing how students learn. Without prescribed class meeting times, you have more options for structuring content and interactions. Typically online courses are divided into weeks or modules that last anywhere from four days to two weeks.

Each week or module might have several sub units or topics. It is best to break content into small, easy-to-use pieces to allow for the most effective learning. In the online environment students will often be navigating content without direct guidance; your content should be provided in a logical and clear path. It is also worth considering how your content will be viewed. If a chunk of text is too long you run the risk of students not scrolling to the bottom of the page to continue reading; in this case it might be worth further dividing your content to allow for a better user-experience.

After mapping your content to specific weeks or modules explore the tools available to present your content, begin developing assessments, and create opportunities for interaction that will create a rich learning environment for your students.


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