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Large enrollment classes present special challenges to instructors. First, in very large classes, many of the students are likely not to be majors, thus may not always place the course as their highest priority. Second,in this ever-more connected world, the vast number of laptops, smart phones and who knows what other devices in the auditorium present considerable distractions for students, and thus challenges for instructors forced to compete for attention. Last, students in any class size exhibit different learning styles but when class size numbers in the hundreds, the wide spectrum and diversity of learning styles requires a variety teaching techniques to capture, and hold, the attention of a large-enrollment class before learning can begin. Here are a few of the teaching techniques that I use in attempts to engage the students in a large enrollment class.

Edward McLaughlin

Robert G. Tobin Professor of Marketing
Director Undergraduate Program
Charles H Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management


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