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Are written lab reports on their way out?

During my recent attendance at Ithaca College’s annual EdTech Day, I found value in a session entitled “Flipping a STEM non-Majors Course.” The presentation was made by a group faculty from the Rochester Institute of Technology who represented a range

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Welcoming Rosie the Robot

Academic Technologies has just acquired a Double Telepresence Robot . We’ve named her ‘Rosie’ in honor of the wisecracking robot from the Jetsons that some of us (ahem) older technologists grew up with. A Double is a remotely controlled, mobile

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Swivl allows your video camera to follow you (in a good way) while teaching!

                                Lecture capture, or recording video of your courses for later use, often online, is becoming a common practice on college and university campuses -and

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Possible Difficulties Sharing Protected Video from Netflix, Blu-ray, and Some Apple Products

Video sharing plays an ever-greater role for teaching and other collaboration at the university. If you’re planning on sharing or presenting video, you should be aware of a type of copy protection that can interfere with the use of high-definition

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