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Blogs in the Classroom

Blogs can be a powerful tool for both small seminars and large lectures, primarily as a means for students to develop their own voices on course materials and the issues they raise. It’s a format with which many students are familiar,

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Start of Semester Ideas for Blackboard

On average, around 80% of instructors at Cornell use Blackboard in their course, either to: provide course materials to students (including, documents, audio, video and more) to facilitate course discussions outside of class using video conferencing or discussion boards, to

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Fall Training Dates for Instructors!

  Please join us for hands-on training sessions using technology for teaching! Classes are approximately one hour and occur throughout August. Instructors can also request individual training to help get their course sites set up in time for classes to

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Create a “living” syllabus for your Blackboard course

While a syllabus represents a ‘formal academic agreement’ between an instructor and students, many students don’t read or keep track of the course syllabus. Rather than a schedule of events, a syllabus serves to define how students can successfully meet

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Inline Assignment Grading in Blackboard

Flipping through assignments in Blackboard in order to grade them used to be a timely endeavor for Instructors and Teaching Assistants alike. Inline grading allows Instructors to comment on and grade assignments one right after the other in a seamless fashion- no

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How to integrate video-based discussion board posts into your Blackboard course

Including video discussion board posts in your Blackboard course brings rich, multi-modal experiences to your online or blended class. Students have a chance to practice digital literacy and oral communication skills while reflecting on course content. Student responses can be

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Accessible Course Design and Meeting Student Needs

As you being to design and update your courses for the fall, it is important to keep accessibility in mind. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires that individuals with disabilities have access to electronic and information technology that is

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9 End of Semester Tips for Grading Using Blackboard

End of Semester Grading Tips As we near the end of the semester and the time to submit final grades, we wanted to share a few helpful tips.  Tip 1: Use the Faculty Center ‘Grade Upload’ feature to submit final

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Request to faculty: Try our new attendance tool, available for Blackboard courses!

Instructors at Cornell are invited to try Qwickly Attendance, a new Blackboard attendance feature that can simplify attendance-taking in class. The app will be available to campus during a pilot set for Fall semester. Instructors can use Qwickly Attendance as much or little as

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