Inline Assignment Grading in Blackboard

Flipping through assignments in Blackboard in order to grade them used to be a timely endeavor for Instructors and Teaching Assistants alike. Inline grading allows Instructors to comment on and grade assignments one right after the other in a seamless fashion- no more pop-up windows or moving back-and-forth between screens. It also allows for comments to be posted in direct proximity to student’s text, providing absorbable formative feedback for student learners.

Inline assignment grading allows the instructor and/or TA to make grading annotations directly within the browser on files uploaded and converted for display in Blackboard’s inline viewer. The feature allows you to assign a grade, provide feedback, upload a video file, and make notes for yourself with little hassle. Need help? Ask us to show you how or visit our Blackboard Help for more details on grading!

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