How to integrate video-based discussion board posts into your Blackboard course

Including video discussion board posts in your Blackboard course brings rich, multi-modal experiences to your online or blended class. Students have a chance to practice digital literacy and oral communication skills while reflecting on course content. Student responses can be thoughtful and in-depth, and are now uncomplicated to produce. Try one yourself to get your online discussion started!

Below are instructions for using Blackboard and Kaltura for student video posts in the discussion board:
Posting a Video in Blackboard’s Discussion Board

1.    In the discussion board forum of your Blackboard course, Click “Create Thread” to start your post

blackboard screen shot

2.    Enter your subject line in the subject box, then in the content editor toolbar click the arrow to the left of the Mashups button, then click Kaltura Media.


3.    In the Kaltura pop up window Select “Add New” from the top right side of the screen, then select “Webcam recording”. You may need to allow Kaltura to access your camera and microphone.


4.    Click the red button to start your recording. You can then preview and name your video (required). If you are satisfied hit “Save”. If not, you can re-record as many times as you would like. When you are done, Click “Back to Browse and Embed”


5.    Select the video you would like to insert into the discussion by choosing “Select” on the right.


6.    Congrats! Your video has now posted to the Discussion Board. 

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