ePortfolios at Cornell University

ePortfolios at Cornell University

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Whether you are an educator using ePortfolios (electronic portfolios) for teaching and learning, a student interested in building an ePortfolio, or perhaps you are another member of the Cornell community interested in using portfolios yourself or at a program level, ePortfolios provide a medium for digitally showcasing a range of material, learning artifacts, and other authentic teaching and learning materials. This is a fantastic way for students to demonstrate their personal journey, tie together valuable course-based or program level work, professional and internship experience, and an overarching authentic digital expression of their experience at Cornell.

Types of ePortfolios can be categorized into any of these areas:

  • Developmental (e.g., working) – an ePortfolio that shows the progress of a project, etc..
  • Reflective (e.g., learning) – an ePortfolio that demonstrates the learner’s understanding over time.
  • Representational (e.g. showcase) – an ePortfolio that showcases content (e.g. like a photography portfolio).

The preferred ePortfolio tool supported by Academic Technologies is Digication, which offers users a text editor, video streaming, file sharing, and various assessment features among a host of other effective tools for digital portfolio production.

Academic Technologies works with faculty, instructors or program directors to build customized and meaningful templates that serve as a starting point for students – templates include prompts, assignment goals, and powerful framework that catalyzes into expressive and polished personalized portfolios.

Let us help you! Academic Technologies provides ePortfolio support for classes and courses. Meet with a member of the Academic Technologies team and discuss ways to implement ePortfolios in your classroom or other areas of Cornell. Email acadtech@cornell.edu and include “ePortfolios” in the subject line.

Additional online help and documentation is available from Academic Technologies here and the Center for Teaching Excellence, here.

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