Request to faculty: Try our new attendance tool, available for Blackboard courses!

Instructors at Cornell are invited to try Qwickly Attendance, a new Blackboard attendance feature that can simplify attendance-taking in class. The app will be available to campus during a pilot set for Fall semester. Instructors can use Qwickly Attendance as much or little as they’d like, and at the end of the semester, Academic Technologies will be in touch for feedback!

Faculty input is always valuable as we determine which tools to bring to campus. Please let us know if you’d like to participate, and we’ll add Qwickly to your course Blackboard site.

Current functionality includes:

  • Automatically create a graded column in Blackboard and keep a running grade for attendance.
  • See a list of all students and work down the list – or show one student at a time – as student name’s are called.
  • Allow students to check-in to class on their own computers (mobile devices not yet supported).
  • Send an email to students when they are marked as absent for the day. Provide students with acknowledgement that they were missed in class and a provide a way to cross reference their attendance score.
  • Check-in Code is automatically generated for students to enter in class.
  • Check-in timer – Check-in automatically closes after specified length of time.
  • Export attendance to CSV

This product is continuously updated and new functionality is added every month. Future releases will include:

  • Adding past dates to the attendance record
  • New attendance statuses (excuses, tardy, etc).

If you are interested please request access!

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