Catchbox: the World’s First Throwable Microphone for Student Engagement

Catchbox, a foam padded wireless microphone can be tossed around the lecture hall to transform engagement of student participation in large classes. Throw the “Nurf-like” CatchBox at your class and watch the excitement build. Engaging students and making lecture dynamic improves the student experience and helps to increase information retention.

Traditional microphones break the flow of student engagement because they have to be handled with care, resulting in a slow and cumbersome process to reach all areas of a large lecture hall. Hand held microphones are scary. Unlike professors, students are typically not used to using microphones on a regular basis. Hence, they might seem intimidating. These insecurities immediately set the tone of question/answer activities – it is no longer a relaxed dialogue, but a serious exchange of words.

Catchbox technology is enclosed within the foam box so as not to distract the user. Ask a question then throw the Catchbox and the resulting excitement helps break the ice, encouraging students to share ideas.
Have you ever experienced the uncomfortable silence while a microphone is being ushered through the class? Because it becomes a mission to get the mic to someone, you lose the focus and flow from the discussion. Because of the way the Catchbox moves it’s fun and slightly disruptive. Throwing a box around during lecture is not something you’d expect to see, which in turn adds spontaneity and encourages engagement in active learning.
See for yourself!

Professor Kelly Zamudio (EEB) and her BioEE 1780 students

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