Teaching with Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is now available!

Academic Technologies recently rolled out Blackboard Collaborate, an engaging, fully online sharing, chat and video conferencing tool.

Available to Collaborate users are chat and video conferencing capabilities, collaborative whiteboards, and the ability to share files with one another. Faculty and students (up to 100 at any time) can also take advantage of the easy to use video captioning tools.

While Collaborate is still in beta and works only within Chrome, there are many cool ways to explore web-based interactive teaching and learning with your class.

Some potential use cases might be:

  • Recording intro videos for each week’s topics, allowing you to partially flip your course
  • Students can collaborate on projects remotely, by sharing their screens of the whiteboard in order to mind map or brainstorm ideas
  • Instructors can hold office hours fully online, by meeting with students within Collaborate
  • Students can conduct presentations for the class by easily switching between a powerpoint presentation, video chat, the whiteboard and screen sharing
  • Videos can be annotated or captioned, improving your course’s ADA compliance while also reinforcing relevant themes and topics of the video they are viewing
  • The chat tool can facilitate conversations between students and course TAs.















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