Upgrades to Panopto are here!

If you’ve been using Panopto to record course lectures for students to view outside of class, you may be interested in installing the updated recording software released this past December. Available now are updates for both Mac and PC.

On the PC side, although all buttons and tabs are in the same location, the interface has been completely redesigned with a cleaner and more “flat” look.  The most significant change is that the desktop preview window, which used to be “on” by default, can now be turned off to minimize distraction.  Most MAC changes happened behind the scenes, but more significant changes are coming soon.  These will include duel monitor recording and recording of multiple USB inputs. That’s cool! Our PC users already have these features. You might notice an improvement in recording quality on both platforms.

For users who already have the old recorder installed, there is no need to upgrade to the new recorder at this time.  For those of you who have used Panopto in the past and are now installing it onto a new computer, the interface will look different. Don’t worry!

Panopto is helpful for faculty looking to “flip” the class, or make lecture content available for students outside of scheduled meeting times. Class time can them be used for discussing core course concepts, or student collaboration.

Contact us for additional help, to borrow recording equipment, or to use our self-serve video recording suite!

panopto screen shot

Preview window is off

Panopto screen shotB

Preview window is on

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