CornellX MOOC courses launch!

In the span of six weeks CornellX launched its first four MOOCs: Astro2290x Relativity and Astrophysics; HIST1514x American Capitalism: A History; ENGRL1280X Wiretaps to Big Data and INFO2040X Networks, Crowds and Markets. Although Astrophysics is entering its final week there is still plenty of time to register for one of Cornell’s other MOOCs.

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Current enrollments:

  • Networks, Crowds, and Markets: 12134
  • Relativity and Astrophysics: 17769
  • Wiretaps to Big Data: 13819
  • American Capitalism: A History: 9783

In Wiretaps, students are discussing Google and privacy, the NSA, and an individual’s digital footprint. Check out American Capitalism to learn how the colonization of the Americas helped launch our modern world of trade, production and investment.  In Networks join the discussion on market clearing prices, game theory and try the attack-defender game quiz and traffic tolls activity!

Faculty, for more information on CornellX MOOCs, SPOCs and Online and Distance Learning please visit CornellX. Here you will find courses currently being offered, information on how to make a MOOC, support available for MOOCs, and information on submitting a proposal for a course or module for edX edge (SPOC).

Check out our video mashup of Cornell’s 4 MOOCS for 2013-2014.

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