Welcoming Rosie the Robot

Academic Technologies has just acquired a Double Telepresence Robot . We’ve named her ‘Rosie’ in honor of the wisecracking robot from the Jetsons that some of us (ahem) older technologists grew up with. A Double is a remotely controlled, mobile teleconferencing system that looks like a Segway with an iPad mounted on top. From anywhere in the world, remote users can roam a physical space and take part in important conversations. The person who operates Rosie can remotely “stroll” down hallways and, conditions permitting, navigate outdoor walkways. She rotates, tilts and projects video content (usually the operator’s face) from the user’s iPad. This emerging technology provides a great way to get plenty of face time with teachers, learners and coworkers.

A couple of use case scenarios we can envision:

  • Strolling among students in a lab setting to remotely assist with work being conducted at lab stations.
  • Updating colleagues back home on important conference proceedings
  • Teleconferencing into team meetings without being that disembodied voice on the speaker
  • Assessing a teaching space, remotely, in order to provide consultation

Come see Rosie at the Academic Technology Center, 124 CCC!

Watch us take Rosie for a test drive 😉


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